Amber Massey: Talks All About Image on Social Media

Amber Massey

July 25, 2021

Amber Massey: Talks All About Image on Social Media

Amber Massey has made quite a name for herself as a lifestyle and family blogger.

Amber Massey has made quite a name for herself as a lifestyle and family blogger. Social media influencers often become known for specific themes, and she has become known for her content on marriage and motherhood, which is mainly based on personal experience. She is perhaps best known for the website she created, which is titled, PB+J Babes. Amber has spent a lot of time building up her reputation, now having tens and thousands of fans and followers. These individuals read about her life, which includes a lot of information about her pregnancies and children. She started her blogging career in July 2008, after having worked in other fields, including nutrition. Despite her different experiences earlier in life, Amber clarifies that being a stay-at-home mom is her greatest adventure. She has also made it public knowledge that she and her husband struggled with infertility for four years. Currently, Amber Massey lives with her firefighter husband in Dallas, Texas, raising five children together.

Amber Massey has been a blogger and social media influencer for nearly 15 years. She started her blog and her Instagram account while pregnant with the first two babies she would have (a set of twins). She has spent several years making her platform what it is now. It is now a platform that provides a sense of community for women who need encouragement regarding marriage and motherhood. In addition, she takes a lot of pride in her product recommendations, which includes giving people the best discount codes that she can offer.

Amber Massey might be better known for her Instagram profile than any other social media profile. However, she does have a very active YouTube channel, which she calls The Massey Spot YouTube. When people watch her videos, they can learn more about her family of seven and tutorials on hair and makeup. She also has question and answer sessions in these videos and other glimpses into her life. Amber graduated with a degree in nutrition science, and then she became a dietitian after finishing her residency. She has worked in multiple clinical settings, as well as the culinary arts. She was a personal chef at one point and wrote a myriad of healthy recipes. However, once she gave birth to her fourth child, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom and focus on her family. At this time, her Instagram profile (@masseya) started to take off, and it continues to grow today.

Amber Massey also discusses the role that social media influencers have on the marketplace, saying that they have a much more significant impact than many people know. Because these influencers have many views and followers, their opinions are spread far and wide. In some cases, people trust their opinions more than the opinions of celebrities. This is why it would be beneficial for many businesses to get the attention of these influencers when they are marketing their services and products.