Amber Massey: Revolutionizing Social Media

Amber Massey

July 13, 2021

Amber Massey: Revolutionizing Social Media

Amber Massey is a lifestyle and family blogger who is known for her website

Amber Massey is a lifestyle and family blogger who is known for her website, PB+J Babes. She has tens of thousands of fans, who read about her children, pregnancies, and other daily activities. She started blogging in July 2008, after having worked as a registered dietitian. Amber Massey sees that being a stay-at-home mom is the greatest adventure of her life. She lives in Texas with her husband, who is a firefighter, and their five children. She has been a part of the blogging world for nearly 15 years. Amber Massey started her Instagram account and blog when she was pregnant with her first two babies (twins). In the last nine years, Amber Massey has made her platform what it is today, which is a community of women who come together to seek out encouragement when it comes to finding the fun in marriage and motherhood. She also offers people recommendations for products and including beneficial discount codes.

Amber Massey is best known for her Instagram profile, but she also has an active YouTube channel, known as The Massey Spot. She gives people a look at her family, as well as hair and makeup tutorials, question and answer sessions, and other types of behind-the-scenes look into her life. Amber Massey worked in multiple fields, she graduated with a degree in nutrition science, and then she finished her residency to become a dietitian. She worked in clinical settings, as well as in sports medicine, private practice, and the culinary arts. At one point, Amber Massey was a personal chef and wrote thousands of recipes for healthy meals. Approximately four years ago, after giving birth to her fourth child, Amber Massey made the decision to stay at home and focus on her growing family. While she was staying at home, her Instagram (@masseya) grew quite a bit and blossomed into the platform that it is today. It continues to grow and change as she contributes to it.

Amber Massey also talks about the role that social media influencers have on the market. She states that the role of these influencers has a bigger impact than a lot of people might think, which is why it is good to know what to expect from these individuals. She acknowledges that the role of the social media influencer has grown quite a bit in recent years. She, as well as other influencers, getting millions of views and followers, meaning that their opinions are spread quite a bit and in ways that are not always expected by many people. No matter what skeptics may believe, these opinions are very influential when it comes to fans. In some cases, they are more trusted than the opinions of other celebrities, such as television or sports stars. She asserts that a successful influencer has the ability to strongly influence the popularity of a product, which is why it is important to take them seriously as marketing tools – it could be very beneficial to companies to make sure that their services or products get into the hands of these influencers.