Amber Massey, Mom Blogger, Speaks on Family Vacation Planning

Amber Massey

August 13, 2021

Amber Massey, Mom Blogger, Speaks on Family Vacation Planning

Preparing for a family trip with young kids can be chaotic, but Amber Massey offers expert advice to help.

Amber Massey recently went on vacation with her family of 7 in Florida. A trip with five children can offer many challenges, but the Texas mom blogger is well-versed in organization to help keep her family on track. She recently posted about how much they enjoyed their Florida trip and offered advice for other moms planning their family vacation.

Vacations build “memories to last forever.” She explains, “Time is fleeting, and kids grow fast (like REAL fast)! I’ll never take this family time for granted.”

Some of the tips she gives for parents who want to pack up the family and visit a new destination include:

Consider the family: When choosing a destination, make sure it works with your family and accounts for everyone’s interests. Everyone should enjoy a family vacation in some capacity if you want it to be memorable, Amber Massey says.

Check your dates: Some dates (like spring break) will be more crowded and expensive than other dates. As you consider your trip, try to choose unusual dates if you have that freedom, and you may find your trip is more budget-friendly, which enables you to do other things.

Set a realistic budget: It doesn’t help anyone set a budget that is impossible to stick to. Be realistic when you plan out your expenses and start saving if you can’t currently swing the cost.

Plan transportation and accommodation: If you are flying, you may need access to a car upon arrival. You will have to choose a lodge, hotel, villa, resort, cabin, or other accommodation with the right amenities for your family.

Amber Massey explains that you can check out the local options: Local food places, shops, activities, and entertainment are the best way to get a truly different experience from what you get at home. Just make sure you vet the reviews to spend your time and money at the best your location has to offer!
Choose some highly-rated highlights: A nice dinner out, local soft-serve ice cream, swimming with dolphins, an incredible hike to a waterfall—these are just a few examples of trip highlights you will want to include. While you may not have the budget for everything, choosing a few special highlights will help form the kind of memories you are after, says Amber.

Plan for safety:
From sunscreen to food allergy avoidance, there are tons of safety measures to take while on vacation. Finding an English-speaking doctor while traveling to another country might be difficult, for example. Depending on where you go, make sure you plan out how you can stay safe and what you will do in an emergency according to Amber Massey.